Ford Transit Van vs Ram Promaster

The 2018 Ford Transit Van and the Ram Promaster are two of the top full-size commercial cargo vans available. Both deliver ample towing and hauling power, so you can fulfill business needs in a hurry. These vans are also big on passenger comfort and modern tech features. Before you make a final choice, check out our buying guide, where we go over some of the biggest differences between the two models.

Power and Performance

When it comes to power, the 2018 Ford Transit Van comes out on top. Choose from a range of engine options to create the towing and hauling performance you require. With the turbocharged, 3.5-liter V6 engine, you'll see 310 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. Depending on configuration, the Transit Van can haul up to 4,560 pounds. Properly equipped, it can tow max loads of 7,500 pounds.

With the Ram Promaster 3.6-liter V6 engine, you can generate 260 pound-feet of torque for enhanced towing performance. Use this van to haul up to 4,340 pounds and tow max loads of 5,100 pounds.


We like the Ram Promaster's dependable safety lineup. Front, side, and side curtain airbags protect passengers during a collision. The rearview camera helps you spot any obstacles in your path as you back out of the driveway.

The 2018 Ford Transit Van proved difficult to beat, because it also includes an impressive array of high-tech safety gear. The side-wind stabilization feature keeps the Transit steadily moving forward. Link your phone to the Sync system and it will automatically dial 911 when the airbags deploy.

Cargo Space

This race was a close one, but the 2018 Ford Transit Van is the definitive winner. Depending on configuration, it offers between 246.7 and 487.2 cubic feet for all your cargo-hauling needs. It's the perfect option for a wide range of business types.

In the Ram Promaster, cargo capacity starts at 259 cubic feet and maxes out at 353 cubes. As with the Transit Van, you can install a wide range of upfitter options, making it easy to organize and secure your cargo.


Once again, the 2018 Ford Transit Van takes the lead. When you shop for a Transit, you can choose from a wide variety of configurations to create the cargo space you require. There are low-, medium, and high-roof models. When you choose the long-wheelbase chassis, you can also opt for the extended-length body.

The Promaster also offers two different wheelbases, so you can increase cargo space accordingly. Choose between the low- and high-roof options to further expand the cargo hold.

Learn More about the Ford Transit

Both vans are sturdy options, but the 2018 Ford Transit Van really speaks to a wide range of business needs. You'll love its premium power and performance. It's always easy to haul cargo around town or hours up the highway. Choose from a wide range of configurations for the Transit Van that best suits your unique requirements. This commercial cargo van is also big on safety, maximizing passenger protection throughout your workday.