When you're searching for an affordable option for an electric car in Idaho Falls, ID, consider the Ford Focus carried by Lithia Ford of Idaho Falls. Starting at $29,120, or lease at $233/month, this limited production vehicle is made to fit your budget.

Never stop at a traditional gas station again with this model that will get an estimated 118/96 MPGe in the city and on the highway. With a charge port that can be plugged into 120V, 240V, or a DC Fast Charge source, you'll never be left without power. A state-of-charge indicator makes it stress-free to plug in and go.

The Focus is filled with safety features ranging from dual-state front airbags to a tire pressure monitoring system. The intelligent computer system will keep you informed about charge levels, mileage, and the power being created from braking. Come into Lithia Ford of Idaho Falls to learn more about your options today!



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