Whether you’re someone who has to drive frequently for work, or you just drive occasionally, you want driving to be fun and convenient for you and your family. The Ford Escape, a popular compact SUV, offers a number of features designed to add convenience to your driving. Our team at Lithia Ford Idaho Falls is eager to show you the Ford Escape and introduce you to its many features.

Parking will no longer be a problem with the Park Assist feature. All you do is activate the button and the system will detect the nearest parking space and help you maneuver into almost any spot. The Rotary Shift Gear Dial is small and conveniently located so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space.

Does the idea of test driving a Ford Escape appeal to you? There is no better way to get a handle on how great the Escape operates down the road or to experience its convenience features. Stop at our shop in Idaho Falls and take it out for a spin.


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