The Ford EcoSport has a safety system that provides benefits in two locations where traffic is typically found. If you drive an EcoSport and use this system during trips around town, you'll get alerts that can prevent accidents.

When the EcoSport cruises on multi-lane highways, its Blind Spot Information System scans the surroundings using a radar. The radar is synced to sensors, which are strategically mounted around the vehicle. If a car enters a blind spot, one of the sensors will detect it, and the system will alert. The BLIS also has the ability to track vehicles that are 15 yards away in a parking area. This feature is called Cross-Traffic Alert; it uses a radar and alerts to prevent a fender bender.

These technologies aren't the only options that are included with the Ford EcoSport. You can check out more standard features and test drive an EcoSport at Lithia Ford Idaho Falls.



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