Our Ford sales agents know that the Ford Flex is already famous for being a popular three-row mid-size SUV. It doesn't look like any other mid-size SUV on the market, but did you know that Ford is ramping up the technology now, too? Your Flex is smarter than ever before thanks to features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Rear View Camera with Backup Assist Grid.

Adaptive Cruise Control is a true luxury. You pick your speed and distance from the vehicle in front of you and your Flex actively maintains that. It's ideal for busy stop and go driving situations that call for frequent braking. Gone are the days of frustration during busy city commutes.

The Rear View Camera has helpful onscreen markers that vibrantly display the picture behind your Flex, giving you a much easier way to backup and stay clear of a collision. Your new tech makes every drive easier. At your earliest convenience, get down here to test drive the Flex and see how handy these new features make your driving day.



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